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Normandy Shores Golf Club has announced U.S Kids and Family Course Setup

 Normandy Shores Golf Club is encouraging new players to play the game of golf in a friendly fast and affordable way. The newly installed U.S Kids Family course is designed to encourage children and their families to enjoy the game of golf together. U.S Kids Golf family Course setup helps young golfers and beginners play from appropriate distances.

The program is intended to enhance the overall family experience at Normandy Shores Golf Club, by making the transition into the game of golf easier for new golfers of any age and enable the entire family to enjoy an afternoon of golf together regardless of their experience level, size or age.

The U.S kids Family course was designed in partnership with the PGA of America. The family course adds two levels of existing tees to each hole, positioned well in front of the existing tees. Teeing grounds are marked on level locations in the fairway; in addition a smaller locater tee is situated on the cart path to make it easier for golfers to locate the teeing ground.

The family course also reflects Normandy Shores Golf Club already well established Junior Golf teaching program by allowing junior golfers and their families to enhance their overall golfing experience, by taking lessons they have learned on the practice tee to the actual golf course under real playing conditions.

The rules and other information about the program are posted in the Pro Shop. If you have any questions about the U.S Kids Family course setup or our Junior Golf Program, please contact Trace Allison, PGA at (305) 868 6502 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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